Velocity Sensitive Lidar Enables Perception

Blackmore is pioneering a new kind of lidar that measures radial velocity on every data point. Accelerate your analytics and unlock your perception pipeline

Autonomous Fleet Doppler Lidar

Autonomous Fleet Doppler Lidar

Lidar Development Platform

Lidar Development Platform

Scalable Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles

Blackmore systems combine modern coherent optical telecommunications hardware with advanced radar signal processing techniques to unlock the potential of frequency modulated, continuous wave (FMCW) lidar

FMCW technology is the future of automotive lidar due to superior sensitivity and velocity measurement capabilities. Blackmore is the first company to deliver commercial FMCW lidar sensors


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Lidar with Velocity on Every Data Point

The Blackmore team collected the first real time point cloud with a velocity measurement on every point

The significance of the velocity data field was immediately clear

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