The HRS-3D Lidar System

Blackmore works with customers to develop lidar systems for demanding applications. If your current solution is falling short in any of the following areas, we can help:

  • Range - FMCW lidar enables cost effective long range performance
  • Resolution - FMCW lidar provides extremely high down range resolution
  • Sensor Fusion - we integrate color cameras for real time sensor fusion
  • Workflow - our systems produce real-time point clouds in a dynamic user interface

Blackmore HRS-3D


The Blackmore team has a long history working with defense partners to develop application-specific imaging solutions. Let us enable your mission with better spatial intelligence

A virtual perimeter fence automatically provides pinpoint threat localization


Long range survey-grade lidar allows Blackmore's systems to complete jobs faster. Let our systems help your firm reduce sensor field time

A good workflow is critical for productivity. Integrated cameras allow for real-time, automatic color overlay. Blackmore's visualization software allows for image-based scan definition, queued acquisition, and real-time data rendering


Long term installation of our lidar systems allows remote operators to maintain safety and measure productivity

Blackmore builds sensors to live outside, 24/7, for months at a time. This enables semi-permanent monitoring fixtures and the convenience of one-time geo-registration so that operators can get to work right away


Lightweight variants of Blackmore's systems enable broad coverage to make the most of your flight time

Our systems can be optimized for airborne lidar missions on small unmanned systems up to fixed-wing, piloted platforms

Unmatched range resolution and real-time "full-waveform", multi-return processing allow ground extraction through dense foliage


If your application was not listed, we still want to hear from you! Let our team build you a custom solution