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Blackmore Automotive Lidar

The world's first FMCW lidar for automotive is here. The following features are helping autonomous driving research teams achieve their goals faster:

  • Long range performance (>200m)
  • Velocity measurement (+/- 150m/s, 0.2m/s resolution)
  • Calibrated reflectivity estimates
  • Flexible 2D scanning over forward-look FOV
  • Selectable point throughput of 300kpts/sec to 1.2Mpts/sec

Our Doppler-based velocity measurement makes your analytics easier

Building a map? Remove transient objects with a simple velocity filter

Tracking objects? Improve your best algorithms with direct velocity measurements

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Whatever the challenge, point-by-point velocity data will transform your Artificial Intelligence stack


Coherent detection is interference-free

Blackmore's lidar is completely immune to interference from sunlight or headlights without the need for expensive custom filters

It is impossible for a Blackmore lidar sensor to experience cross-talk with other lidars

Minimal peak output power makes our sensor friendly to other lidar sensors


We've built systems that can see kilometers

We know the value of a validated link budget model and we build our systems on sound theory

Trust and safety go hand-in-hand, so we are open with customers on system validation


Validated theory is critical for safety

Change operational parameters on the fly via flexible API

Change operational parameters on the fly via our flexible API

Certain situations require longer range and others more point density

The Blackmore API allows systems to dynamically change sensor operation in response to changing conditions

System data is easily consumed and explored in our custom visualization software (below)


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